Ngara District

Ngara Community Empowerment Project

In Ngara District and through conducting trainings, TCRS runs good governance and accountability activities by strengthening the capacities of village leaders and Public Expenditure Tracking Systems (PETS) committees. TCRS also supports VICOBA activities to communities as a sustainable way to economic empowerment and livelihoods.

On climate change mitigation and adaptation, and as Ngara District has been experiencing poor agronomic practices such as extensive and shifting farming, mining, lumbering, charcoal making, livestock keeping and bush fire, TCRS’ intervention has, since 2008, been promoting sustainable land management and environmental conservation activities like tree planting, modern bee keeping, sustainable energy; and soil and water conservation.

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Ngara CEP is financially supported by the Act Church of Sweden and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The projects intended to address the challenges of poverty, Gender inequality and Climate change.

Awareness of Gender Justice has remained a key activity for years in Ngara. This has been achieved through various training, advocacy, and campaigns provided by the project.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation - In order to empower the community to understand and participate fully in environment protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation activities.