Morogoro District

Morogoro Community Empowerment Project

Morogoro Community Empowerment Project (CEP) has expanded significantly to reach more community members in the district at different times. Up to the reporting time, the project has covered about thirty-three (33) villages since started to operations in the Morogoro District. In the year 2021 the project was operating in 15 villages located in to four wards of Kiroka, Tomondo, Mikese and Tawa within Morogoro district.

The total population under this area was 40,031 people; 21,745 females and 18,286 males in 8,060 households (2018evaluation report MCEP). Implementation of the activities during the reporting period were done by project staff with assistance of volunteer village animators in collaboration of local government officers and other stakeholders like Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO), The Open University of Tanzania (OUT), NHIF, TRA and NSSF.

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Empowerment program is designed to build self-resilience and confidence by empowering the community to change their own lives. The organisation facilitates the process of capacity building, awareness raising and training for marginalized people and their local leaders, so that they are able to take self-initiatives that lead to improvement in their lives and communities. CEP is conducted in selected districts in Tanzania, and goes through detailed participatory selection process to identify the most marginalized in a community with whom to work with together with their village leaders.