Ensuring water availability to refugees. Inauguration of TCRS drilled borehole by UNHCR Country Representative,Ms. Chansa Kapaya



  • Our Mission +

    “To empower vulnerable, marginalized, and displaced communities to achieve self reliance and sustainabledevelopment and to reduce human suffering and poverty”
  • Our Vision +

    "Our vision is of empowered communities living in a just, democratic society, united in diversity, and enjoying quality of life and God-given dignity".
  • Our Core Values +

    -Universal Justice: access by all to fundamental human rights.-Dignity: inherent self-worth-Self-reliance:people empowered to strive for their own development-Sustainable Livelihoods: humanity in harmonious stewardship with all creation
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  • TCRS Geographic Focus Areas +

    TCRS works in some selected villages of districts and locations with highest vulnerability to disaster and greatest concentration of poverty. It focuses on remote and vulnerable areas where adequate local capacities and services are not available. Currently, TCRS is working in 11 selected districts in Tanzania i.e. Ilala,Kakonko, Kibondo, Kigamboni, Kilwa, Kinondoni,Kishapu, Morogoro Rural,Ngara, Temeke and Ubungo.
  • Our Priority Focus Groups +

    TCRS focuses on the marginalized and vulnerable poor people, whose livelihoods are threatened by theeffects of natural and human-made disasters, paying special regard to IDPs and refugees, women, youth,elderly, the handicapped, and those affected by HIV and AIDS.
  • TCRS Mandate +

    By virtue of having associate status in the LWF/DWS family, TCRS is committed to fulfilling the mandate given by the communion of all LWF member churches to: “Bear Witness in Church and Society to God’s Healing, Reconciliation, and Justice.”
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TCRS is registered as a Trust Association and continues to be engaged in humanitarian, relief and development work in Tanzania on behalf of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, the Christian Council of Tanzania and the global ecumenical network.

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TCRS Featured Projects

  • Kibondo Field Project

    Kibondo Field Project

    TCRS supplies portable and palatable water to refugees in Mtendeli Camp. The operations involve provision of sanitation services and hygiene
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  • Ngara CEP

    Ngara CEP

    In Ngara District and through conducting trainings, TCRS runs good governance and accountability activities by strengthening the capacities of village
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  • Morogoro Community Empowerment

    Morogoro Community Empowerment

    Local leadership empowerment, community empowerment and support for local initiatives. This includes conducting class sessions to the marginalized, literates and
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Please join us in upholding the rights of the poor and oppressed.