Climate change

During the implementation of the project interventions, the project has observed Change in behaviour
of women and men climate change mitigation and resilience. Communities have increased
understanding on climate change, and are fully participating in both mitigation and resilience measures.
These are achieved through tree planting and cultivation of drought resistant crops. Testimonials
provided herein; demonstrate the participation of communities in climate change mitigation and

Mr. Epiphany Athanasius aged 30 years old, living at Mumuhamba village. He is married and blessed to
have 4 children. He is a peasant engaging himself in subsistence farming on food and cash crops. In April
2020 Mr. Epiphan Athanazi attended the climate change awareness training that was facilitated by
TCRS. In the training, he acquired knowledge and skills on tree nursery management, seedlings and tree
planting. Since then he has raised and transplanted 2000 tree seedlings and he has a plan to plant
30,000 trees.

Mr. Aidan Raphael is living in Bugarama Village. He is aged 28 years and he is married. He is founder of
Amkeni CMG at Bugarama village. Mr. Aidan was also amongst members in Bugarama who was taught
on climate change adaptation and mitigation. In 2021; Mr. Aidan; he earned a sum of 300,000/= as
dividend received from VICOBA. He used the money to buy one acre of land and improved Avocado
seeds. The project looks on Avocado production as another opportunities and potentials for future
development. Avocado can serve both as climate change mitigation measures and also as business. The
project area has favorable condition for avocado production and the project is looking forward to
support on this idea. Mr. Aidan already has established a nursery of 752 Avocado seedlings ready for
transplanting. He has a plan to establish 4 acres of Avocados in future.

Ms. Beretha is a woman living in Mukubu village. She is aged 46 years old. She has a family of husband
and 8 children. She is engaged herself with saving and credit scheme. Ms. Beretha is a member of
Twitezimbele VICOBA, of which she in 2019. She used to cultivate maize in the past, but due to the effect
of climate change she came to realize that maize is no longer productive. In November 2020, she took
the loan of TZS 500,000 from VICOBA group. She used the money to cultivate and plant one acre of
cassava. The project is mobilizing the community to plant at least 2 acre of Cassava and the acceptance
is good.