TCRS supplies portable and palatable water to refugees in Mtendeli Camp. The operations involve provision of sanitation services and hygiene promotions to refugees hosted in Mtendeli Camp. The organisation also runs psychosocial support, community-driven dialogues and social cohesion activities in Nduta and Mtendeli Refugee Camps. TCRS empowers the marginalized and poor communities, strengthens Public Expenditure Tracking Systems (PETS), village committees on budgets and project tracking with emphasis on water projects, conducts functional literacy and numeracy classes and awareness campaigns to the communities on water, sanitation and hygiene activities. Water supply includes construction and renovation of water sources in different villages of operation. On climate change mitigation and adaptation interventions, TCRS trains communities on construction and usage of improved fuel saving stoves and facilitating and supporting establishment of tree nurseries, supporting and encouraging communities’ communities income generating activities and ensuring food security by encouraging communities to plant drought resistant crops.